• GBA Annual General Meeting 2017

    GBA Annual General Meeting 2017

    The Annual General Meeting of the GBA took place on 23rd February at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

    Present were 51 members, we received 9 Proxys, so the quorum of 1/3 of the members were reached. 

    The AGM voted to accept the proposed members for the GBA board 2015/2016. These were:

    1) Daniella Pleitz (KHS East Africa) Chairlady

    2) Tillman Proske (City Clock) Deputy Chairman

    3) David Rehahn (Achelis Group of Companies)) Treasurer

    4) Maren Diale-Schellschmidt (AHK), Secretary 

    5) Carles Amengual (BASF E.A)

    6) Tobias Ernst (Lufthansa) 

    7) Dieter Franke (Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi)

    8) Amar Mehta (Rödl & Partner)

    9) John Nangurai (Triple Tee Facilitators)

    10) Ex officio member of the board Michael Derus, Deputy Ambassador and Head of the Economic Section of the German Embassy

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