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    German School Nairobi wins an award

    The German School Nairobi was awarded the third place at the World Conference of the German Delegations of Industry and Commerce in Berlin on 15th May 2018.The  school won the prize for its successful partnership with the Star Kid School that is located at Nairobi’s Githongoro slum. The long standing cooperation between the two schools is based on intercultural dialogue, Science education and vocational training. In their partnership, Star Kid School students attend workshops in the Science laboratories of the German School Nairobi while the two schools jointly organize musicals aimed at further fostering the intercultural exchange.The German School Nairobi also offers free German classes to their partner school’s students and is currently taking concrete action in order to provide vocational training from 2020.



    Every two years the 140 German Schools abroad located in 71 countries worldwide are called on to apply with innovative school projects and concepts. The German Foreign Minister is the patron of this competition. 




  • Annual General Meeting: Election of New Board 2017

    The Annual General Meeting of the GBA took place on 23rd February at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

    Present were 51 members, we received 9 Proxys, so the quorum of 1/3 of the members were reached. 

    The AGM voted to accept the proposed members for the GBA board 2015/2016. These were:

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