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LIMBUA Group Limited

LIMBUA Group Limited

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LIMBUA Group Limited was registered in Kenya in 2010 with a vision of creating a model project for sustainable food production and a digitized, global value chain that combines the best practices of organic farming with full traceability for small holder crops. Since its inception, LIMBUA has improved the quality of life in the rural communities by promoting natural, regenerative cultivation of macadamias, avocados and mangos by over 7,000 small holder farmers. Through the digitization of the entire value chain, LIMBUA has leveraged technology to offer unparalleled transparency to all stakeholders. LIMBUA has become an alternative to the rural-urban exodus for many, mainly women and youth, who find new perspectives and opportunities in cultivation, harvesting and processing. 



1. Macadamia Nuts Premium

2. Macadamia nuts Ingredient

3. Macadamia Nuts Roasted

4. Macadamia Nuts Butter

5. Macadamia Oil

6. Avocado Oil

7. Dried Mango 

8. Tree Seedlings


Postal Address

P.O Box 341-60100 Embu, Kenya


+254 (0) 725 966 383

+49 (0) 8152-929710




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