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Join The Food Family Ltd.

Join The Food Family Ltd.

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JOIN THE FOOD FAMILY LTD is the first African co-subsidiary of JOSERA, a famous German company specialized in production and sales of high-quality mineral supplements for cattle, milk replacer for calves and inoculants for silage making. JOSERA is also a producer and supplier of super premium petfood as well as extruded ingredients for human nutrition. The company successfully exports its products to 70+ countries worldwide and has a history of experience and innovation of over 80 years.



The first business pillar of JFF is the dairy sector. In this field, JFF engages itself in developing a business-oriented, sustainable, and climate-friendly dairy farming system in Tanzania, with a focus on grassland feeding of dairy cows, farm mechanization and on-farm consultancy.

The core of the business model is the establishment of entrepreneurial hubs, managed by local entrepreneurs, who provide comprehensive products and services to dairy farms. JFF offers these partner entrepreneurs products such as Josera mineral feed, milk replacer, silage additives, rental agricultural machines, and trainings, which the entrepreneurs resell, sublet or offer to the farmers. 

The second business pillar of JFF is food processing.  The main aim to contribute to adding value to local raw materials. One of the business cases in this area are the so-called "mobile bakeries": JFF provides standardised containers fully equipped with high quality bakery equipment as well as training modules to local entrepreneurs against franchise fees. Through the high quality of the baking equipment, good and continuous training of bakery staff as well as permanent quality control, JFF aims at offering high quality bakery products for the Tanzanian market. 

JFF's third business pillar is the sale of high-quality pet food products from the sister company Josera in Germany. This will include training dog breeders and other dog owners about good breeding, dog-keeping practices, and good nutrition for pets. In this way, JFF contributes to a better treatment and better nutrition of pets in Tanzania.


Physical address

6th Floor, Ngorongoro Conservation Tourism Center

Along Goliondo/Makongoro roads junction

Arusha – Tanzania


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Join the Food Family Limited

P.O. Box 6076, Arusha – Tanzania









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